Finnish Abomics and Swedish Gendoktorn Medicinsk Service ink distribution agreement over Pharmacogenetic Service

In May 2018 Abomics, a Finnish health tech startup, launched the GeneAccount Service: a consumer test that allows a person to determine their medicine suitability in the most practical yet utmost trusted way. By a simple buccal swab, the response of 13 genes to over 120 most common drugs is determined.

GeneAccount Service is based on a pharmacogenetic test which relies on high end professionals and advanced technology. In less than a month after the official launch, this unique service has received significant publicity and raised interest amongst press, consumers and the professionals.

Gendoktorn is a healthcare provider which has highly appreciated inhouse expertise and is considered as a forerunner within personalized medicine. Both companies value the collaboration highly and see the potential in utilizing pharmacogenetics information in daily clinical practice.

Entering a new market area, Sweden is strategically important for Abomics as it opens a new virgin market of pharmacogenetics. Gendoktorn is the first distributor in Sweden and both parties have high expectations regarding the co-operation and the business itself.

Further Information:

CEO Jari Forsström, Abomics Ltd
+358 (0)40 544 1809,

CEO Lars Salmi, Gendoktorn Medicinsk Service i Göteborg AB
+46 (73) 2001003,