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Testing for Corona with a travel certificate/ medical certificate. Same day result* before 8 PM without extra cost.
* Read more under "Covid-19 testing" that you can find under "Services for exceptions or click the "Read more" button below.

Antigen test 700 SEK
Antibody test 700 SEK


We offer a test called NIPT that with 99% certainty can detect Downs syndrome and other chromosome variations. The test is a common blood sample and is completely safe for the fetus. We recommend that testing is done at the earliest week 10+0 of pregnancy.

Hereditary breast cancer (BRCA)

A test that can determine if an individual carries genes associated with breast cancer and ovarian cancer. The blood sample will be analysed at the same lab as the samples from the public health sector that offers the same test.

Genetic carrier screening

A test for you that think you might carry genes for hereditary diseases such as Cystic fibrosis or other hereditary recessive diseases. This is a test for you that want to know if you risk passing these genes on to your future child or for other reasons want to know.

Prostate cancer screening

Stockholm-3 is a blood sample that can be used to asses the risk of prostate cancer. Compared to the traditional PSA this is a more advanced test that gives a more correct picture of the state of your prostate health. Stockholm-3 also includes a PSA but also looks at more things.

Pharmacogenomic testing

We are all slightly different from hair color, skin tone, and other things all the way to how different medications work for us. Some people require higher doses some lower.
 Our pharmacogenomic test shows how your body breaks down different medications and can be used to improve your treatments and make them work better for you.
 One test is enough for a lifetime.

ApoE testing

Currently, the cause of Alzheimer's disease is unknown. It is known that certain a certain variant of the ApoE gene that we all carry gives an increased risk of Alzheimer's disease.